VOWS Update: Driver Lineups


Earlier this morning, Reedingame Studios Racing announced the departure from our VOWS Driver Lineup of Ryan Mazumder. Ryan has been a great help to the team ever since he joined mid-way through Season 3 - and he is not finished by any means; he still remains in the role of Mazumder Motorsport Team Principal / Owner and head of RGS Racing driver recruitment. He decided that due to disliking the handling of the car, he was going to sit out the rest of the season and vacate his seat, making way for star junior driver and number 1 OFR driver, Massimiliano Ribolli.
Of course, it doesn't end there, as with most things of this nature. Max Croussette, our other VOWS driver (and league admin), has had to temporarily vacate his seat due to a season ban for one of his drivers. He has had to move to Croussette Grand Prix for the next few races whilst he finds a replacement for his banned driver. We expect him back in his Reedingame seat in the next few rounds, hopefully by Monaco-Canada sort of time. But, in the meantime we will be running a driver lineup of the two Mazumder boys, Victor Marciniak and Massimiliano Ribolli.
We are also happy to announce, on the Mazumder side of things, that we have recruited German Beamud to replace Massimiliano at Mazumder. In the mean time, Ryan is currently in talks with another driver over the temporary Mazumder seat that Victor will be leaving to replace Max at Reedingame. Of course, this is a very weird scenario that would probably make Helmut Marko proud, but it is all sorted out and everyone in the team is all but ready to go for Wales on Saturday.