Statement Regarding Mazumder Motorsport


Since the start of the 4th season of the Virtual Open Wheel Series, Reedingame Studios racing has been in a partnership with its driver development and junior team, Mazumder Motorsport. It came to our attention earlier
today that Mazumder have agreed a partnership with a competing racing game title - which will pay sponsorship money. Ryan spoke to Tom and on mutual terms, the partnership has been terminated with immediate effect, which will have
a few consequences around the team. Firstly, all Reedingame Studios branding will be removed from the Mazumder Motorsport car ahead of the VOWS Beligan Grand Prix and German Beamud has been allowed to leave Reedingame's young
driver program to continue with his newly independent team.

We want to wish the Mazumder Motorsport luck in their future, and hope that their new partnership goes well.